Can i edit rebarcontainer?


hello i made rebar container thorough dynamo,then i need to put those in a revit project file.

now i have problem with this thing,because i can’t modify it.

for example(number of rebar,length,bar type and so on) .

i’d like to know how to modify or edit after i create and put in a rvt project file.

i’m sorry that i’m very new to use this software

thank you for your help


Hi Takamasa,

I suggest you to create Rebar Container Family. Use “DirectShape.ByGeometry” from spring nodes package to put your geometry in Revit family. Then add parameters in family and then load the family in you Revit project file. Good Luck!


hi!Kulkul thank u for your help

i tried the command “DirectShape.ByGeometry”,and one more question

if i wanna make "rebar container family "as u suggested ,which category should i choose to create the family?

because i have a problem with using categories,i have chosen rebar,rebar sketches cotegories and so on

but the command showed me this alert…

thank u for your help!





Did you try with Dynamo for Rebar package. It has got 'RebarContainer.Bycurve" node.