Can 0.71+ be hacked for R13?

Is there a way to hack dynamo 0.71+ to work with Revit 2013?

I understand that the API has changed a lot since 2013 and a lot of the functions have become obsolete thus causing opportunities for instability. However some of our projects are locked into using older versions and we cannot update to the latest version of Revit.

I am definitely not requesting to add support for Revit 2013 because that would waste too many resources on maintenance and backwards compatibility. All I’m looking for is a dirty hack because 0.71+ adds way too many sweet goodies, compared to 0.63, that I’d love to use on older projects.

How viable is the idea?

Hello Dimitar Venkov,

Very soon our one of the developer will get back to you.



Hi Dimitar,

For the reasons you mentioned (and others) it is difficult to support Dynamo running as far back as r2013, especially as we start to get ready for r2016. I don’t have 2013 installed, but if you are in the market for a dirty hack (and I really don’t recommend this), you could TRY putting the Dynamo.addin file located here


into there


I suspect that this will just fail to launch, and even if it does initially work, there will definitely be some missing/malfunctioning parts of the application. Again, not recommended.


Hi Zach,

Thank you for your time and the recommendation.

That was actually the first thing I tried and unfortunately it only gets you as far as the Start screen. I think that the problem is in the “DynamoRevitVersionSelector.dll” library. Once it receives an unknown version, it terminates the dynamo process straight away, instead of going to a default option.

Well, luckily 0.63 still works great with R2013.