Calculating window reveal

Hi all,

Is there a way to get the distance from the outer face of the glass of a window, to the outer face of a wall?

It depends how the family is modeled. A lot of families have a parameter called exterior offset or something like that, so the easiest would be to add this to the family if it’s not already there, no Dynamo needed. In your screenshot it seems you have two exterior planes of the glass so it would be even harder to decide which plane you want to measure from. I would modify the family with like 3 clicks, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel in Dynamo.

If you want to do this with dynamo, and the family has correct subcategories assigned (so this workflow also depends on how the family is modeled), you can select the face of the wall and the face of the Glass subcategory, and calculate the distance between them.

About filtering for subcategory read this thread, or search for ‘subcategory’, there are some threads about this topic


Thanks very much for your reply, makes perfect sense.

I do agree with you, as far as possible I would like to keep this out of Dynamo as I know it is family dependent. It is one of those situations where we have a lot of different types in a lot of different projects, and editing all those families would take a lot of time. This info also needs to be exported to excel along with a large variety of other info in the script.
Thanks for your insight and suggestions. I will read the suggested thread as well.

Have a great day!