Calculating Volume between a laser scan point cloud and perimeter shotcrete walls

I work for a GC in CO. I am trying to calculate the volume of concrete we will need to go in between the shotcrete wall I have planned (modeled in Revit) and the shoring as it is in the field (represented by a laser scnned point cloud). I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to find this using dynamo and Revit together.

I have tried starting by making the point cloud into a topo-type surface and subtracting the distance- I couldn’t work this.
In the past we’ve set a section cut every 5 feet, drawn a median line and measured the distance into SQFT and then converted into Cubic Feet (per the 5ft distance).

Using the last method, I could probably gather the data easily using Dynamo by using the integer values, running it through a formula node and exporting a list of the cubic feet values into XCEL.

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks so much in advance.

Check out this thread for some possible ideas that may or may not help you: How to Create a Surface in Revit from XYZ Point Cloud Data?

Could you make two meshes and find the difference in their volumes?