We need help to automate area measurement in Revit, based on a point cloud?

We just got a big project, where we will 3D laser scan +2000 apartments in Berlin.

Afterwards, we will make an area survey of the rooms in Revit. So, for now we don’t need to draw walls, floors, doors and windows in Revit initially.

The manual task is to:

• Receive an rcp. point cloud from our team performing the scanning.

• Import it to Revit.

• Make an area plan in each room in one apartment.

• export area volumes to Excel

• Use the point cloud as a base for floor plans and make a sheet for pdf (nothing needs to be drawn.)

The apartments, a from 30-130 m2. then there will also be +2000 Revit models one of each point cloud. / Apartment.

I do not have much about Dynamo and do not know if it can be done. If we can only save 5 min. pr. apartments it’s just super.

We would like to pay for the one who can solve the task.

contact me via forum message.

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