Calculating the cost of furniture in Revit using Dynamo

Hello, I’m doing a graduation project and mastering “Dynamo”. The purpose of the thesis is to develop a script that will calculate the cost of furniture in the project in revit, based on the quantity and type of material from which it is made. I ran into a difficulty that I can’t figure out how to make data about the type of material in the family and output them to Dynamo. There was an idea with the help of materials and subcategories, but I failed to implement it. I will be very grateful for any help.

@gadelshink , hi

When you share your Master-Thesis… You will get help here.
At least can you share some screenshots and tries in dynamo what are you looking for exactly?

I would never addressing money to my revit elements :slight_smile:



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Hi @gadelshink ,

Why would you use Dynamo for this?

What about creating Revit family types with a cost-parameter built into them, based upon the volume/ material used. Then you only have to create a schedule in Revit where this information is displayed and a total is calculated.

If you are set on using Dynamo though you could create a dictionary inside Dynamo which “translates” the material used into a value representing the cost. (Or the cost parameter-value as described above)


I’m not doing very well here, since I’m quite a beginner)
I have created a family of kitchen cabinets, and a script that calculates the volume of all cabinet elements. And then I planned to make the cost calculated depending on the material from which it is made

To learn how to work with Dynamo in the future) thank you. I’ll try this option

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