Calculated Values, view filters

I have a need to be able to read the data out of a schedule generated by a calculated values. If the value is less then a certain number than I want to have a view template indicate in red which elements do not comply.

This is for calculating shear value of some structural framing. See example below.

The red cells are deficient and I am using conditional formatting to fill those in. The user currently has to manually enter a “Y” in the comments in order for the beam to show up in red in plan.

I am tying to eliminate the user input.

I am just learning dynamo and need some hints on what I need to do this, if it can be done at all.


Here is what I have so far but i am kinda stuck as to what to do next.

Any element with a negative Kip value I want to add a “y” in the comment for each element.

I’m not sure how to select the elements in that schedule to change the comment parameter.

It could be done by selecting beams themselves rather than going through the schedule. However, it would require you to re-create that calculated value in Dynamo. That formula doesn’t look too complicated. I gave it a try and this is what I came up with:

Thanks for the reply, let me look at this and see if I can get it to work.

Warning: List.FilterByBoolMask operation failed.
Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer.

No luck

So a couple things I noticed.
1 & 2 Parameter Name contained a “-” I have recreated the parameter.
3 Corrected the formula to have the new parameter name.

So if this is the calculated value (also see 4 in the next post)

Could you repost the whole definition with the results expanded? It’s hard to see where it’s going on.

Shouldn’t this be the formula in the code block?

and if we are looking for values less than 0.00 shouldn’t #5 be Lessthan?

I am just trying to understand what I am doing not bashing your work, it has helped me a great deal.

Hi, you should probably check if your parameters values are Doubles (and not Strings) with an Object.Type node

That’s possible. Could you expand the results of the parameters too? It would be helpful to see what the actual values are to check the formula.

I’m wondering if this is even necessary. If the goal is to mark the doors with a Y if that value is negative you could do that with a calculated value. You could create a calculated value in your schedule that says if((X / 2-Y) <0, “Y”, “”). That should get the value to filter by.

Here is a quick workaround if needed:

The problem is I can’t trigger the view filter with a calculated value. So I am trying the dynamo route.

Here are the actual values

Here are the formulas, basically

Bold text is the parameter

PhiVn / 2 - Start Reaction Total = Shear Check Start
PhiVn / 2 - End Reaction Total = Shear Check End

Shear Check Start < 0.00 kip = Comment = y
Shear Check End < 0.00 kip = Comment = y

Your values contain strings, so it is more than possible that they are considered by Dynamo as strings. You can take a look in the Primer for further explanation if needed:

I read through the Primer section and all of section 4 on data, however I am having an issue trying to see how strings will work in this situation.

In the simplest form I need to be able to read data from a schedule and if the data is a negative number I need to add a comment to a text parameter.

I have tried to perform the calculated value function or formula in Dynamo and I don’t think it is working. See #1 in the image. PhiVn / 2 - Start Reaction Total = Shear Check Start

Looking for any advise here would be great. My lack of dynamo knowledge is so bad I don’t know what I don’t know.
Thanks, Jonathan

You can try something like this to filter your list:

But this is just a simplified example: you will need to pay attention that parameter values are extracted directly from the list of instances you want to filter, so as to maintain the correct items order

I am so close.
At one point it was placing the comment on all the Items and not just the negative value. Now it places the comment in select cells and I have no idea why.

Any ideas???