Calculate volume of Air duct


I have a strange question on a strange request from a client…

Client needs to know the volume of the air in the duct system for leek proof test.

For “straight” duct I can easily export duct system to excel and do my calculs in it but problem comes with the elbows and the reductions.

Questions are:

-Does Revit have possibilities for calculating the volume of air ducts already implemented in the app itself? I couldn’t find it myself.

-Did someone of you already tried to do a script for something similar in Dynamo?

Thanks for comments. Maybe I will find more elegant solutions if I share my thoughts…

See below:

Duct Volume.dyn (8.7 KB)

You can get the geometry from each of the elements and extract their solids, from which their volumes can be directly calculated.

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That is an excellent idea. Ill give it a try and be back with feedback …

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