Calculate running length of eave and verge in a roof

Hey everyone,

i am really new in dynamo , i would like to know how can i calculate the running length of verge and eave of roof

There are a number of ways. The most convenient and efficient technique would be to simply query the model curves which defines the roof boundary (ExtrusionRoof.GetProfiles()). They all have a ‘Slope’ parameter and with the height of the roof, its easy to calculate the slope length using trig from the edge which you want to measure from. This will require Python as nothing OOTB will access the construction curves.

If you want to stick with OOTB nodes, you could select the face from the roof, then use Geometry.Intersect with a plane as your intersector. The resultant curve length will represent the roof length you’re after.


For more complex roof shapes where planar intersection isn’t an option you could pull the curves, filter out curves which are not sloped from start to end, pull the highest curve (the ridge), remove curves which don’t touch the ridge by filtering, and then pull lengths.