Cad p&id to revit

Hi Folks,

Please forgive my complete ignorance I am a total newbie to Dynamo. The question I would like to ask is, is it possible to import a cad file with a line with a valve block(filled with attributes) on it and use dynamo to create a pipe with said valve fitting? I am interested in converting 2d P&IDs pipe runs instantly to Revit geometry. I am aware of P&ID for Revit(not convinced of the workflow) and have seen scripts that convert cad lines to pipes/ducts but is it also possible to incorporate valves? I’d greatly appreciate any feedback on this. Thank you.


No Packages that I know of do exactly that. Perhaps you could query the CAD using bi-morph nodes and if all the valve locations are on a separate CAD layer us it to perform a create instance by location with the valve family.


There’s a package called LinkDwg which has useful stuff in it… Some is labelled for DWG, some isn’t but still works as in this example (I know it’s not grabbing the info you’re after, but you can see the principle)

Hope that’s useful,