[C3D] Objects along a corridor using Dynamo Player

Hello everyone,

I created a Dynamo program that places an AutoCAD block along a feature line of a corridor (for example, a light pole every 20 meters along a feature line called “LightPole”.

Now when I change the interval number in the classic Dynamo interface, it works as intended, for example for a newly defined interval of 15 m, the old light poles are deleted and the newly generated light poles will be placed at 15m apart from each other.

I want to try to manage now the interval parameter in Dynamo Player, so I set the Number node in my dynamo as an input.

I then set my interval to 20, run the program once, then set my interval to 15 and run the program once again. Here is the result:

What happens (I believe) is that the program executes once, places light poles every 20m, then executes once again without deleting the old light poles, and places light poles every 15m.

Any ideas on how to fix this in Dynamo Player?

Hi @k.joseph9595, welcome!

This is a known issue with Dynamo Player for C3D and how it handles element bindings. The behavior you experience in the Dynamo UI is by design so that duplicate objects are not created every time the script is run. However, the behavior with Dynamo Player is unpredictable. There are several other related posts (see below). As far as I know, there is still no acceptable solution for fixing this behavior in Dynamo Player. The best I have been able to come up with is mentioned here.