C3D: match subassembly parameters

I’m trying to edit parameters of existing subassemblies. I can’t seem to find out how to make the SAs unique, since the same SA has been used in multtiples assemblies.

Can someone confirm that there is no node (c3d toolkit or camber or other packages) that enable the user to

  1. Get assemblies name
  2. Rename subassemblies (eg. use the name of the assembly as the “root” of the subassembly name)
  3. select subassembly by name and assemblyname

I’m trying to create two things:
A. Dynamo player script that “matches subassembly parameters” (input: one SA, target: multiple SA’s)
B. Export and import subassembly parameters values via excel.

Perhaps there is already somehting like this available?

Thanks in advance!

No need for any packages here. You can just use CivilObject.Name and CivilObject.SetName.

I’m not at my PC now, but I’m pretty confident you can do this with the Civil 3D Toolkit. Maybe not directly with a single node, but you could select all subassemblies and then use List.FilterByBoolMask to filter by property values.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ve been playing around with those nodes a lot and if that is the solution I must have hade some kind of minor stroke :smiley:

The issue with getting the subassembly parent is still something that I need to solve before I can advance with my goals (or any key that combines a used SA to A). @mzjensen if you have the time to check, can you please point me forward and hint the right nodes?

Sure, I’ll get back to you soon!

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Does this help?


Thanks a million!

The assembly group concept was a bit new to me even though I’ve seen it in the c3d user interface countless times. The nodes in the c3dtoolkit package are enough for my purposes.

Perhaps you, @mzjensen or @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1, might consider developing a node skipping the assembly group phase? At least in my design work I seldom use assembly groups and if I interpret the logic correctly there shouldn’t be an issue in querying a specific subassembly name from all the assemblygroups in an assembly object? Just a suggestion, but since you both are wizards I feel comfortable throwing this wish out here on the web :wink:

For future reference:

Here’s a raw an non-elegent scriot that exports subassembly parameters to excel. I left out the subassembly group from the export, since it is of no use for me. Should be fairly straight forward to add to the script if needed.