Dll pointing to wrong location

Hi I’m working on a Xaml UI nodes. I got them working on my computer, however, when I published them remotely for other users they can’t see them. On my virtual machine my Dynamo freezes.

I can add the code to my git if it helps but I’m using a xaml and c#.

This is a sample of my package. Its called SlapsUI in the package. I’d like to get this resolved to share with the community.

Here is the dll and things I posted:

Thank you.

On my virtual machine my published dll files are still referencing the original drive. Here is the warning. This should be looking for the \AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\1.2\packages\SlapsUI (user Interfaces)\bin

When uploading a dll package to Dynamo how do you ensure that your node is point to the correct folder?

when you save a graph where you have loaded your library by importing the dll dynamo will try to resolve the nodes from that path when it loads.

If you reimport the library it should resolve the nodes.

Do you have an actual package with pkg.json that is getting loaded correctly when you start a new dynamo file?

hmm! this might be a bug as well. Can you submit this on the GitHub, I think when zero touch nodes are nested in a custom node potentially we should not recall the path for those nodes… since I’m guessing you always want the nodes to be resolved from the package.

You could try as a workaround creating your custom nodes after you’ve loaded the package, not from importing your dlls. not sure if you already tried that.

Any reason to create custom nodes from your ZT nodes instead o just implementing another c# node that calls your other nodes?

Michael, Thank you for your help. I’m going to try the suggestion of recreating the package, then creating my nodes. I may also add it to the git hub if doesn’t resolve it.