Button for Dynamo Scripts!

is it possible to create a button in the toolbar that calls a dynamo routine in which you have to enter initial parameters? like what the DYNO Bowser does

Does Dyno no longer work in latest release? Is Dynamo Player not a good enough substitute?

@a.blazquezKKV24 See if this helps.

It will create the ribbon buttons from DYNs for you.
For initial parameters. you can hardcode it in the graph or use data-shapes to ask for the initial parameters from the user.


But i think that doesnt work for Civil 3D…

It’s only revit at the moment. But civil 3d is on the “wish list” for sure (c3d progress here). It might be a bit though as I’ve avoided AutoCAD related tools like a bad alley for quite some time. :sweat_smile:

Data shapes however, does work with civil 3d, so you can start building nice UI

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