Bumblebee Excel Output Origin

Hello to all,

I need a nudge to the right location of where I can find out why the “origin” function does not work. i am pretty sure that it is a “user error” in my part. I just need a nudge. If I use the plain old “string” the “A10” cell will work. But once it becomes a list, it always go to “A1”.

I am referring to the SHEET NAME part. If I use the “cesar a” it works… If i use the bottom one “Cesar”, it does not.

Thank you in advance.

If your origin is in a list of same length as your data sublists, try setting the origin to @L1 and applying longest lacing. If each list has separate destinations then this should work also i think. My expectation is your list structure may actually lead to @L1 and @L3 (not 2), as excel data is typically 2 dimensional so you might need to reference the list of lists instead of the list of data itself.

Hello Gavin,
Thanks for chiming in… This is actually your script from your youtube channel, and it is really working well, except for that part… where i want all the data to be inserted like 10 rows below.

In your script, it was @L4, and i was trying to figure out what is causing it until i found out that it is the “sheet name” that is making it work and not work… Unfortunately, when I screen shot this image, I have not returned it to @L4

But like I mentioned earlier, the @L4 or 3 or 2 or 1, does not affect the location of the cell, it is just the data that shows up in Excel… what affects the location is whether i use the code block (which works) or the LIST, which still works and spits out data, except it starts at A1…

You can see that the origin states “A10”

Thank you again for the wonderful youtube channel and the script that you shared with us…

I will try to read your response and study it. I will be right back


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No problems, and glad to hear you’re trying this one out!

If the levels don’t work let me know and I’ll revisit my own script and do some experimentation…