Bumblebee writing "10" to two excel cells not 1

So I’m trying to write 10 to the 10 series sheet and 20 to the 20 series sheet.

Sheet name works fine, I get two sheets.
However the string that goes into the data appears in TWO cells.

So 10 appears on sheet 10 series but 1 is in cell A5 and 0 is in cell A6.
20 appears on sheet 20 series but 2 is in cell B5 and 0 is in cell B6.

I want 10 to be in A5 only on the 10 series sheet and for 20 to be in B5 only on the 20 series sheet.

You need to change the list structure of your data. Each sheet gets a data input in the form of a list. Providing a single list for a series of sheets is causing problems.

Could you elaborate a little please?

The input to SheetName is in the same format and that seems to work OK.

use List.chop to cut the list length down.

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Thanks Marks! Works perfectly!

It all has to do with how the node is expecting the input to be formatted. SheetName and Origin both expect single objects. Data expects a list (usually with sublists). A list of 2 SheetNames represents 2 separate inputs. A list of 2 objects in Data is the expected format for a single input. That’s why chopping the list into two separate lists gives the expected result.


Just to expand on that answer, the reason it was writing 1, 0 instead of 10 was because like @Nick_Boyts explained it was expecting two lists (matching two sheets). Trick is that strings are actually enumerable ie. similar to lists, so you can iterate over them. This little nuance of programming languages meant that your single list containing β€œ10” and β€œ20” was interpreted as two lists β€œ1” and β€œ0” and second with β€œ2” and β€œ0”.

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