Bulk SAT Import at once into dynamo & Export as single Sat file

I wanted to import 70 SAT files into Fusion 360.

Like this

It took 16 minutes.
I’m not a kind of person who is patient enough to endure such repetitive labor.

But, I knew Dynamo could help me for solving this. :slight_smile:

Would you like to see how I solved it using dynamo?

< 1. How to create a text file list of the contents of a folder >

I put the 70 SAT files in a folder. and I created this list into a text file.


< 2. Bulk SAT Import : multiple files at once using the TXT file >

You can use Escape Sequence “/n” to split the multiple line - single Item to each Item for editing sting from the txt file.

!! note that !!
When I used the String Node to write Escape “/n” , it didn’t split, but Code Block worked well. I don’t know why.

< 3. Alignment of Geometries using Relative Coordinates >

When the Geometries are heavy, you’ would better move them as transforming their Coordinates System instead of transforming geometries directly.

< 4. Export to SAT >

Don’t forget use ’ Flatten Node’ for putting all geometry items into the single SAT file.
(Of course, my script had already been flattened before transforming) :slight_smile:


Awesome stuff as always @Lynn_Kim!

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Thanks @JacobSmall ! This latest version of Sandbox is very cool. I like it :slight_smile:

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