Bulk Add parameters in Key Schedules

I’m trying to import parameter names from excel and create multiple key schedule parameters at once in Revit using dynamo. Please let me know if there are any nodes in dynamo that creates key schedule parameters or any other methods to create multiple key schedule parameters at once.


Hi, Parameters to be used in key schedules are project parameters, at this time there is no way of creating those parameters, I have been struggling trying to do that same thing with no good result, the nodes OOTB only create shared parameters, even though it is called “Parameter.CreateProjectParameter”… so, I am afraid what I have learned this last few days is that there is no way of creating parameters for key schedules via Dynamo…

@LievX @Nick_Boyts That is what I realized as well. The CreateProjectParameter node does create project parameter but those parameters doesn’t show up on the list while creating key schedules. So one has to create a parameter for each column in the key schedule from Revit.

I have another way to get a schedule from excel but the process involves lot more steps and I don’t really feel like its ideal. What I did was bulk created shared parameters using Parameter.CreateSharedParameter node. Then I created a new family(just a simple cube) of Mechanical Equiment Category. (I’m using Mechanical Equipment for example) Used dynamo node AddSharedParamsToFamily from (Dyn_SharedParamTesting) to assign the Shared parameters to this family. Then I used FamilyInstance.ByCoordinates to create multiple instances of this family (as many as the number of rows I need in the schedule). Lastly I used SetParameterByName node to set the data from excel to fill the columns.

It just doesn’t seem too ideal for me and lot longer that it should be. But so far it all I got. If anyone else has a way to Create Parameters in Key Schedule, please reply to this thread with the solution.

@Nick_Boyts As you can see in the screenshots below, the project parameters does show the parameters that I created(FG1: FG11) but for some reasons, it doesn’t show up in the Fields while creating key schedules