Building placement on plot

The question is more like a brainstorming.
I want to explore some possibilities with the generative plugin and for simplicity: I have a rectangle plot and I want to place 5 rectangle outline building on the plot. I have the outlines as polylines.
There is two rule: There is a minimum distance between the buildings and I have a river along the plot that acts as an attractor so I want to explore possibilities of placement where majority of the facade looks on the riverbank.
I guess I can solve the latter with the river. I would indicate the river as a vertical surface and start many lines from every facade. The more lines intersect the river surface the better the placement is.
What I don’t know is how to do the placement of the buildings on the plot.

You should try looking into Refinery :slight_smile:

I did but i can’t wrap my head around which nodes supposed to help on building placement studies.