Automation of objects fitting around a building

I was wondering if there is a script already written which could place objects around a building. My problem is: in my project i have to plan an airport terminal where we can fit 7 airplanes around it but there is not much space. Due to this condition we have to be able to fit the airplanes with using the least possible place. So I was trying to create a script which would place objects around a line (facade we can say) and it considers the lack of space.
If you have any idea for the solution I’m super eager to hear it.

This use case seems very unique, so I think you won’t find a script which will fit your requirements.

Also this optimization sounds like it would be a good job for project refinery:

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Look into the Space Planning with Project Refinery video here as it effectively does the trick:

The idea is to use list permutations to pull items from a list in a controlled sequence, and place them along the line (in your case only on one side of said line - unless you want planes inside the terminal as well).

It’s a fairly simple graph so give it a shot and see where you get. :slight_smile: