Building a curtain wall with respect to a wall with openings

I’m making the plunge into Dynamo with this first project. Background. I am an expert Revit user as well as an expert Grasshopper for Rhino user. (I recognize that my experience with Grasshopper may variously help and hurt me). I have quite a bit of familiarity with scripting (Rhinoscript, VBScript, C#, Python), too. With that said, here’s what I’d like to do:

Given a single wall (call it WallA), construct a Curtain Wall in front of it with panels 1’, 2’, or 3’ long from the start of WallA to the end of WallA. I was able to do that (by creating multiple Curtain Walls of lengths 1’, 2’, and 3’, not by creating a single Curtain Wall with grids).

WallA has multiple doors in it (Door1, Door2,… DoorN) with widths of 3’, 6’, and 16’. They are located on WallA such that from the start of WallA to Door1 is a round number of feet, from Door1 to Door2 is a round number of feet, etc. At each door, I would like the Curtain Wall panels’ bottoms to start at the top of the door.

There will be about eight walls like WallA, two of which are a couple hundred feet long. I could do this manually, but I’d like to study various configurations including multiple materials for the Curtain Wall panels with the Dynamo definition, so I don’t want to compose it just once.

From the collective expert minds here on the Dynamo forum, I’d love to hear what approaches you’d take. I started with a simple horizontal run of walls (each a Curtain Wall with a single panel) starting at [0,0,0] going to a specified length [x,0,0] where x was controlled by a slider. That was fine. Then I did the same operation from [startX, 0, 0] to [endX, 0, 0] using a wall I drew in Revit and the Clockwork package to get the startX and endX points of WallA. When I added a door and realized I could only get the placement point (center of door), that’s when I decided to post here. I thought about picking edges, including the top of the door opening, but I’d rather just pick the wall and let the Dynamo definition find the door openings dynamically (which seemed quite possible with the Clockwork inserts component).

The doors will be located based on the building’s program, so I want the wall and doors to be modeled directly in Revit, not via the Dynamo definition.

Would anybody be willing to start a conversation that helps me through this? This isn’t a question with a single answer, I’m looking for a bit of back-and-forth.

Share an image, sketch or something.

Yes! I ran out of time today, but I will post tomorrow.

It’s tomorrow! Here’s a screenshot of a very rough idea. It doesn’t account for the doors and each panel is a separate (curtain) wall, whereas I’d prefer it to be one curtain wall with grids.