[Bug] Previously selected nodes jump to mouse position after creating a new node and moving it


I don’t know if this is the place to post bugs, but I’ve been having this issue lately. I think it started after switching to Revit 2019, but I’m not sure. I wonder if anyone else experienced it and knows what’s causing it.

Basically what happens is whenever I create a new node or copy an existing one (but mostly when I copy an existing one), when I deselect the newly created node(s) then re-select it and move it, any previously selected node(s) will jump to the mouse position at that moment, and many times it ends up bringing the node all the way from the other side of the script and places it right on top/under the new node.

And what’s worse, it’s not undo-able. I’ve uploaded a recording below.

Had this randomly in 0.9 as well as 1.2 and 1.3
Looks like the inclusion on CTRL drag copying was introduced in 0.9 possibly http://dynamobim.org/forums/topic/copypaste-behavior-is-annoying/ @Ritesh_Chandawar ?

I’m using Dynamo 1.3.3 and CTRL drag copying. You’re saying it might be related to something introduced in previous versions?

Same problem is still occuring (using Revit 2017 with Dynamo but more immediately, where the ctrl+drag shortcut is used, and when the newly created component is selected, the original component jumps to the new location.

It is so annoying that I am abandoning use of that command.

Can you confirm you’re using the latest build of Revit 2017? Also update Dynamo from 2.0.0 to 2.0.2, a lot of issues will be fixed by updating those two items.

I have since gotten used to using ctrl+c and ctrl+v instead of dragging, but I confirm that it doesn’t cause any problems with dragging now on Revit 2020.

I am using Revit 2017.2 and will update to Dynamo 2.0.3
Thank you for the advise!

Revit 2017.2.5? If not put those last few patches in place. :slight_smile:

Now we are in November of 2020, I am using Alias 2021.2 with Dyanmo and I still have the same problem ! :joy: :rofl: