0.9.1 Ctrl-Drag feature - Bug?

I like the concept of the Ctrl-Drag feature in 0.9.1, but I’m find it a little flaky.

I often have a hard time actually copying a node using Crtl-drag and when I do get it to work, the dragged icon is often several inches away from my cursor.

I suspect that I have a hard time because I need to move my mouse pretty far before it starts dragging, so I think its not working, but I just haven’t moved enough.

I’m not talking subtle moves here. I’m talking 5 to 10 percent of my screen before I see the ghost image.

Not as bad as your experience, but I too don’t find it to be smooth.

The functionality is probably still being fine tuned.

Dave and Vikram,

Are you in Dynamo for Revit, or Dynamo Studio? I can reproduce your issue in Studio, not Dynamo4Revit

On Dynamo for Revit, you have to have the node selected before hitting Ctrl and dragging to copy a node. If Ctrl is pressed before selecting the node a selection window begins to be drawn.

Works, but not smooth.