Help! Copy/Paste between scripts and the delete key no longer work

Revit 2019 + Dynamo 2.0 - Can only delete one node or group at a time with right-click. Delete or Backspace keys on keyboard no longer function for me in this version. Can’t find an alternate workaround for broken copy/paste.

Try and read the release notes, this is a known issue which the dynamo team are already aware of and trying to solve :slight_smile:

The known issues etc. can be found here:

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its annoying for sure, so hopefully there will be an update soon, in the meantime I tend to use revit 2018 for dynamo, and then open up in revit 2019 if needed, if you really need use revit 2019 for dynamo there actually are some workarounds

to delete a single node, right click and select remove
to delete many nodes, Ctrl+G to group right click select Delete Group
to copy nodes, select copy from the edit menu
to paste nodes, select paste from the edit menu

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Ah, yes. The edit Menu is different than the right click. sigh… Good ole release notes bringing me bad news… again. :wink:

Thanks, both of you.

Ok here is the good news, these issues have been resolved on Revit 2019.1 update.

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