Breaking Dynamo-Revit elements link and keeping instances between runs


I am using Dynamo to speed up this process:

  1. Select a curve
  2. Tweak some parameters
  3. Create some points associated to the curve depending on the parameters
  4. Placing an adaptive component in through those points.
I want to repeat this process for, say, 100 curves, I have to actually select them one by one, manually, and I don't mind as my definition this way will be times simpler than trying to process all curves at once.

The issue is that when I am done with curve 1, I want to keep adaptive component 1 and then move to curve 2, keep AC2, and then 3 and so on.

How can I keep the elements Dynamo placed for me and tell him to create a new instance (with new ids when running my definition again?

Thank you.