Break up multiple stacked walls

Hi, I´m trying toi break up multiple stacked walls in dynamo, but it only let me do it one by one.
There is someway to do it with Dynamo , Revit API, etc?
I just can change their workset but i need to put in a zone parameter for 4D ( Navisworks)

Image selecting just one satcked wall, break up allowed:

Image selecting multiple stacked walls, break up not working in the end:

Thats my script to change their workset, to filter them:

This might provide a starting point:

I’m having a hard time finding functionality to deal with Stacked Walls directly, but the user ciganek pointed out a possible method of copying the stacked wall’s sub walls in place using the following line of code (although it’s in C# and they don’t provide any other lines of code):

ElementTransformUtils.CopyElements(doc, wall.GetStackedWallMemberIds(), XYZ.Zero);

You’ll just need to replace ‘doc’ with your current Revit document and ‘wall’ with the current Stacked Wall element, as well as delete the original stacked wall once you’ve copied its subelements. You’ll also have to use a TransactionManager to actually carry out the edits.

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Thanks cgartland ! I will try to do this and I will be telling you.

Hi @cgartland @ALEBIM2!
Have you managed that issue of multiple stack walls brake up?


I´m working on it

when I have some scripts I share them


Thanks @ALEBIM2

What I’ve achieved was only making copy and paste of stacked wall’s subelements and deleting original ones but that doesn’t solve the problem. Sometimes walls were placed in the wrong order.
For now the best method I researched are element’s parts.

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