BoundingBox failing on big amount of rooms

Hi guys

I’ve been developing the definitions from CASE creating room numbers along a curve to include a couple of parameters in the numbering syntax.

The whole thing is working great on smaller sample projects, but unfortunately I’m experiencing malfunctions and irregularities when using it on the actual project it was made for. As the project consists of several models with up to 1000 rooms in each, I’m very interested in getting it to work properly.

Find the definition here:

It all seems to come down to the way of selecting rooms. When an error occurs, the Geometry.BoundingBox-node fails saying “dereferencering a non-pointer” or “boundingbox operation failed”. The strange thing is though, that while the definition works at my workstation most times, several colleagues get one of the mentioned errors. I tried three different options of selecting rooms, none of them seem unaffected by the project size or even workstation and might or might not work.







Option 1: Node “Get Rooms by Level” from Konrad/archi-lab. This is the most stable one, though not working on all workstations (all running Dynamo
Option 2: Not stable. Slowest, as it gets all rooms in the process. Not working on all workstations.
Option 3: Not stable. Seems to show random boundaries in the 3D preview at times. Not working on all workstations.

I’m pretty new to Dynamo, but it seems obvious that the malfunctions are connected to the amount of rooms. None of the above mentioned options seem to get the chosen levels only, as the 3D preview shows rooms from the entire model. Please correct me if I’m assuming wrong.









Any ideas on how to solve this one?