Getting error on "geometry.Boundingbox" for one projekt, but not another?

Hi there
As the title says, I am having problems with my graph from one project from another…?

What it does, is it gives roomnumbers along a spline, and combines 2 parameters. Problem is, it works in 2 of my models, but not in the third…?
In the third it gives me an error on the geomety bounding box? Any sugestions…?

likely there is a null value in the geometry nodes which feed into the Geometry.BoundingBox node. Use a Object.IsNull node to create a boolean, and then use a List.FilterByBoolMask node to find the source of the null value. Once you have that start examining why the element fails.

If that isn’t the issue, enable the previews leading up the Geometry.BoundingBox node, scroll down so we can see the matching indexes for the failures, then zoom in so you can easily read the output, and use the camera export button in the top right so the community can see the context you’re in.

Hi there Jacob

Sorry but I’m still very new to dynamo… So I have tried to do as you said, but I dont really know what I’m looking at…
Firstly I tried the null object solution, but I dont really know what it does?:

Then I tried looking at the graph up to the geometry bounding box, as you said:

and here is the error:

The issue is that you’re sending the wrong data type to the Geometry.BoundingBox node. You need to either use an Element.Geometry node in between, or skip the geometry entirely and use an Element.BoundingBox node instead.

Also, either manually with Dynamo you need to confirm all rooms are placed and bound or they won’t have a bounding box and you will once again see errors.

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I never came back to this one.

I found the error, as you said Jacob, I found out that there was a couple of rooms, that was not placed. After I deleted these, the graph worked again, so thank you! :slight_smile:

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