Bounding box Z value

I’m trying to work out the floor to floor height for columns (as opposed to the column’s modelled height), so if a column is attached to a 500 deep beam I want the total column height plus the 500 depth of the beam.

I’ve done this by creating a bounding box slightly above the top of the columns, then got the bounding box of all the floors/structural framing and then see which of these bounding boxes intersect. Because of the differences in parameters between floors and framing I’ve also made a parameter called “elevation” which gets the modelled level and it’s offset of the framing/floor and inputs the elevation as a number. So to get the floor to floor height I use the “elevation” of the intersecting element - the min bounding box point’s z value.

This was all working great and then I tested it on another project and got some weird results. The “elevation” is in the range of about 90000 - 110000 (which are the correct RLs, however the min z point is in the range of 500 - 1500. Does anyone know why this z value is so far out? I’m wondering if it’s a coordinate system problem. The survey point for the project is at RL 85700 but the error is greater than this value.


Sorry not the survey point, the project base point is at RL 85700

Using the Level.ProjectElevation instead of Level.Elevation node to to the “elevation” solved the issue.