Bounding box trouble

Hi! I got a problem.

3 slabs, 6 beams. As we can see, there are 4 beams actually connects with 2 of this slabs. But in Dynamo it’s looks like only 1 beam is in my bounding box.

But if there are only 1 slab in bounding box, it’s works just fine.

In my opinion it’s because I use as much bounding box as much as slabs I have.
I did try to make 1 solid from my slabs, but find only Solid.ByUnion wich makes one huge area from my boxes and it’s not right.
Does any one knows how to solve that?

br, Alex

Hi @Aleksandr_Koppel ,

try using list map on you boundingbox.contains node like this:

You might have to alter what happens next to that in your workflow …

Hi @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi!

My problem starts on boundingbox.contains node.
It’s gets wrong bool if there is more that 1 slab in…
the resoult might change if I add one more floor, slab, etc…
Sometimes it’s works fine, sometimes is absolutely incorrect.

Can you share your .dyn and dummy .rvt ?

Just del one slab, and it’s works

Ok unfortunately I only have revit 2015 on the computer i’m using right now so I couldn’t open your revit file. Anyway, here’s a suggestion:

beam slab intersect.dyn (6.4 KB)

I think using element.bounding box (without going through the process of extracting geometry) will help your workflow run faster. Also, Boundingbox.intersects gets to the point faster than extracting vertices from geometries and using boundingbox.contains.

And finally, helps testing the intersection of every beam with each slab.

I hope this helps !

@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi, thank you, it’s works! :slight_smile: