Bottom curve from list of curves

Hi, I´m trying to get the bottom curve from a list of curves,
comparing the z values ​​of each line. first i get the minum item by key, but the problem is that i lost the heriarchy of the original list. I wanna keep the same structure of list but keep only the curves wich have the minimum z values

I need it ordered by indented

If you click the same button where you set the lacing, there should be another option that says “Keep inputs nesting” or something to that effect. Have you tried using that? It should look like “@@L2” instead of “@L2” if you have it enabled.

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Thanks for the reply, i doesn´t work because i´m using dynamo 1.3.2![aaaa|690x388](upload://3GRIDkxalmhqD9ih5B09dbIRRg4.png) Anyway i used design script but still not getting works!

Gah!!! 1.3 will require some trickier efforts around List.Map and lacing with that specific structure. Perhaps longest lacing? You will not be able to use list levels in a 1.x build.

Why not update? 2.x is almost 2 years old at this point, and no supported Revit version has not supported 2.x for almost a year now.

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Revit falls down when I open it in 2.0

Can you post or DM me the Revit journal and Dynamo log from such a crash?

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Thanks, I think it may be for the non existing nodes in 2.0 version ( like room.doors, or others)dump.1799.txt (92 Bytes) journal.1976.txt (298.4 KB) journal.1977.txt (377.1 KB) journal.1978.txt (416.0 KB)

Hi Alejandra,
Maybe another method worth to explore would be sort the list by key (Z) and then get first (or last) elements of the list. I’m not sure how this woul work in 1.x version of Dynamo though, I had to use list levels for this to work on my end.

I know the image does not reproduce exactly your case but it represents the idea.

gracias , intentare con eso

Looking over this now, it appears you need to update your node library to resolve some missing/unloading nodes to get stability. It’d be worthwhile task as this will ‘come due’ soon (2020 is nearly a year old and there is no 2.0.3 for that).