Bottom curve of the each window panels


I have five surfaces and got the perimeter curves. I’m trying to select only the bottom curve of each surfaces. is there a way where I can test out the z-level of each curve and select the ones that are the lowest? which node should I use for it?

thank you!

@mrkpkimEMSRM See if this helps

t0 = Autodesk.Curve.StartPoint(x).Z+Autodesk.Curve.EndPoint(x).Z;
t1 = List.MinimumItem(t0);
t2 = List.IndexOf(t0@L2<1>, t1@L1<1>);
t3 = List.GetItemAtIndex(x@L2<1>, t2@L1<1>);

or if you want to use the OOTB nodes