Sorting a list of Curves by a sub-Function

Hello all,

I’m looking to sort a list of curves by the curves ‘EndPoint’ and ‘StartPoint’ List.MinimumItem of their Z Value.

I have a list of curves from a rectangular surface, and I want to filter out the bottom/lowest one.

In this case, I would be looking for the curve that has the ‘EndPoint.Z’ and ‘StartPoint.Z’ = 0. In other examples, I would need the lowest Z values (Hence the need for List.MinimumItem).

Anyone have any ideas? I messed around with ‘SortByFunction’ but got tripped up on Function.Compose (No idea how it works haha).



Not sure if this will help do what you seem to want.

Just responding to your last line…

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I’ll check it out and see :smiley: Cheers dude.