Bimorph view input

Possibly a dumb question, but-

I’m using the Bimporph nodes to manipulate linked/imported CAD files. The graph I have is working when connecting a single view. But, connecting an array of views seems to only work on the list top-most view and none of the others. If I cycle to my other views none of the affects take place. Do the Bimorph view inputs only work with individual (scalar?) inputs?


This is a bad solution but try changing your lacing to cross product.

The issue here is the singleton input for view, and layerName; if you input a list of views Dynamo’s VM will automatically replicate the node, but match the first layerName with the first view, and so-on. You need to use List.Map instead since you want to modify a list of layers for each view.

Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, the cross-product doesn’t work because of the mismatched layer names compared to the importinstance.

I must need to brush up on my I’ve tried a number of different functions but can’t seem to get proper mapping of the cad file to the list of layers I want to turn off.

Thanks again.

Try something like this if you want to control the visibility of the same layers in each view:

Or if you have a set of layers which differs for each view, then build the necessary data structures (if your data structures are constructed correctly, you’ll only need to use shortest lacing) - you basically need to increment you list rank, which therefore means you need to map a 1D list (of views) to a 2D list (of lists of layers):

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