Bimorph 2.1 Clash Ducts with Linked close but yet

I am using the Bimorph 2.1 tools and love them. I have got the inhouse clashes running. Now I am adding Linked Walls versus host model Ducts. I am really close, but my clash orb is being placed on the end of the Linked walls and not at the intersections of those same walls and my ducts. I am using a modified work flow from Thomas’ suggestion here Bimorph 2.1 Nodes Implementing to existing work flow

BCE_2017 Project Template_Clashes.rvt (1.2 MB)
Testing Linked Walls vs Ducts.dyn (111.0 KB)

Thank you for any insights on this.

@tlivingston I can’t run your graph because I don’t have the linked file, but it looks like you are feeding the walls into both List.FilterByBoolMask nodes instead of feeding the ducts into one of them, so you’re running your Geometry.ClosestPointTo on the location lines of the walls and not the intersecting ducts.


So Sorry.

I believe I have the graph as Thomas_Mahon has suggested in the link from the first post.
All I have tried to “hack” was adding the Linked walls in lieu of the pipes category. No dice.

A link to the linked file is here:

Otherwise, its the rac_advanced_sample_project.rvt dropped in Origin to Origin.

Thank you for taking a look!!

@awilliams has answered your question.

In addition, from the look of the output from the Element.IntersectsElement node, it also appears that the node getting the elements from the linked file is outputting a 2D list which will interfere with the data structure of the clash result. You therefore need to flatten the output of this node first (List.Flatten) before inputting the elements into the Element.IntersectsElement node.

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That did the trick. Thank you both very much.

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