Getting a list of workset from Grid Categories

Hello I;m trying to get the list of Worksets from any element such as Grid for this example.
However, even though I think I did a right job creating the graph, its is giving me a list of IDs. Not sure why…

I also checked Revit to see if the values of ‘Workset’ parameters are like those numbers below and they have values that I actually want to see from Dynamo.

I’m not trying to use custom nodes or packages since I’m trying to use this graph for Revit 2017-2021.
Is there a way to get the list of worksets? a hard coded python script would be much much appreciated.

Thank you!

Many parameters that represent an element use an ElementId as the value. Worksets is one of those cases. If you’re not willing to use custom nodes then your only real option is python. What have you tried so far? There should be other posts on the forum covering similar scenarios already.

Thanks for the response. I’m very amateur at Python so I usually take a look at the python code inside of the package node and try to understand.

This is what I’ve done - using wombat.infoFromElement. This is exactly what I need however, it’s a custom node so I want to find a different way of solving this.

That’s always a good start.

You are going to spend far more time reinventing the wheel than you would setting up a means of managing your packages here - and this is for just one aspect of what will be an infinitely growing task as you add multiple layers of python code into your graphs. Effectively you’re building exponentially more technical debt to avoid taking on what is a rather basic task being made simpler by the Dynamo team.

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