Is there a way to make dynamo officewide?

Hello everyone, I created a bunches of codes for the office, it runs well on my VPC. But it wont run on other people VPC due to the reason of missing package or dynamo versions (when runs with player) etc… is there a way to make Dynamo recognize a shared package folders? or a way to have every computers has the same packages automatically?

If it is for packages, you can install them to your server and point everyone’s Dynamo installation to that directory:

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I dont know why it kicks me out each time i tried to add a new path. :-/ But yeah if Dynamo adds the nodes from package from path, it is what i am looking for. Thanks

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We developed a tool for that (sorry for the shameless plug)



There was a podcast the other day on this…

Pointing every user to a shared server location is useful, unfortunately it is then a lot slower. An alternative option demonstrated in the video is to sync everyone’s packages on their local machine.

This won’t solve everything though, because different users on different Revit versions have different Dynamo versions which different packages are built against… So Orkestra (which is nothing to do with me, but I am happy to plug!) is a very sophisticated yet user friendly solution for these problems.

Hopefully that is of interest.


Edit: I just saw a post about using Dyna-hub to sync DYNs to github, which is an interesting idea for office-wide solutions.

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We first tried to use a server location, which made dynamo unbelievably slow.
We then made a powershell script that pushes new packages from this server location to the users local harddrive when i update the server location.

This works fine for our office since i am the only one making scripts, coworkers only use them. I can imagine this not being a great solution if you have lots of coworkers who develop themselves.