Beginner - Full house tutorial

Hello everyone

I am a civil engineer and is very new at dynamo, but familiar with Revit…

I want to draw a whole house by the use of Dynamo, and looking for a course or tutorial which can help.

I have been searching on youtube and google in weeks without any lucks.

What I want to learn could be how to draw walls depended of the geometry of the floor, or the floor depended of the geometry.

thank you in advance.

hello, welcome to the community!
the next page is in spanish, it has a “Create floor by room and finish floor parameter”( Crear suelo por «Acabado de suelo» de habitación), where u can download a dyn working for dynamo 1.3.4. U will need the package “DominaDynamo”.
From there u can start digging according to your needs. Basically, u need to get the room geometry, and from there u can create ceilings, wall finish, and floors. That allows u to draw only the core walls(bricks only) and then create the rest automatically for every room.


Thank you so much for your answer. That is exactly what I am looking for, but you havn’t inserted any links, and by searching on youtube, I don’t find any usefull videos.

Can it really be true that nobody else has constructed a whole house by parametric design?

Thank you in advance

sorry, quite a fail hahah:

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Thank you Marguello

But I was looking for a complete guide/tutorial on how to model a house in Dynamo so everything was affected by each other.

The video is in spanish which is an disdavantage, and I don’t get where he starts and finish.

If you have any other tips, please share.

Hello again,

I don’t know if what you are asking even exists all compiled in one place. I think its something you will learn “by pieces”. If anyone knows better, please correct me.

Anyway, a quick search on Youtube throws this: Its a start.

You can also search for some Udemy courses about dynamo and see if one of those serves your purpose:

Also, there are a lot of dynamo classes, demos and labs at the autodeks university page:

hope i could help,