Beam bracing connections issues

Hi there,
In This post I submit a request to unconnect beam/column joins and solved thanks to @blsalvio.
As I mentioned in response to the solution , although the connection issue was solved, some columns and bracings had weird behavoiur.
As advised, I started a new thread.
See attached details on page 2 of pdf file and revit model.ProvaCapannoneTutorial+DynForum.rvt (2.1 MB)
BeamColumnJoins_R1.pdf (301.1 KB)

Thanks in advance for your support.

Ciao Paolo,
I take a quick look at pdf and it seems you want “extend” the beams to the “ideal” point and avoid native setback. This can be achieved easily by unjoin the ends of beams.

Otherwise we should work a bit to achieve the same result in another way.
Let me know if this fit your needs

Ciao Fabio, thank you for your reply and I apologize but today i couldn’t try in order to answer your question. Anyway you nailed the point: in the first scenario I believe the solution might be the same applied in the previous thread by @blsalvio.
I guess the other option you proposed would work as well but I agree that it may take more work.
Tomorrow my time I’ll try to apply the same approach to the elements to unjoin them via dynamo and revert.

please check this: ProvaStrutturaPortale3.dyn (265.6 KB)

Hi @blsalvio and thank you for your outstanding support.
It seems to be working! See attached views.
ProvaCapannoneTutorial+DynForum21102020.pdf (10.1 KB) ProvaCapannoneTutorial+DynForum21102020_3Dview.pdf (18.8 KB)
Now I just need to add some custom steel connections (need to figure it out yet).
I mark your reply as solution.