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Hi @slepagetrudeau,

I didn’t want to hi-jack your thread…

Great Work on your graph, I just had a couple of questions, apologies that they are not the biggest concern you have right now…

As I understand it, Adobe PDF requires an individual ‘Save’ click of each file by the user… I imagine you don’t want this for 2000 sheets! Have you found a way to stop it?

Also, I find the initial save ‘path’ ignores the ‘file path’ input…

I understand that the batchplot plugin xrev transmit requires the use of bioPDF, possibly this allows the avoidance of these issues…

My latest efforts are here…

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Any input is a welcome input!

It is still much a work on progress, i grew frustrated with my progress and just shoved it on the forums.

I’be been testing by only printing in the same folder, now that i think about it, i remember hardcoding it somewhere before i hooked the UI. Thanks for the heads up.

Adobe pdf does need a save click on each file, however it is a default setting. In its option you can choose to feed it a filepath instead so it always print there. In this case, its why the input doesnt do anything. I eventually wanted to make it dynamic but i forgot.

I will certainly have a look at that plugin. Any upgrades is a welcome one. Thanks for your input!

Cool thanks,

I don’t want to recommend the plugin, I find it awkward and it wouldn’t solve your problem with the linked files.

I was interested that they’d chosen bioPDF, I wonder whether it allows access to functions like File Location under the hood? Unfortunately I wouldn’t know where to start with developing that.



I have created a working script with PDFCreator.
Using Data-Shapes i have a user UI where you can set the Sheets to plot, and a folder where they are collected.
I’m not at work at the moment, but i can share it on monday.
It prints multiple formats.
It’s all about the PDFCreator.ini that lets you specify the folder and filenames from within Dynamo 1.3.2


That would be frickin’ awesome, looking forward to it!

With the same objective In my mind, I tried to do it, using Data-shapes for a User Interface.
This is were I stopped. I don’t understand why sometimes, It works, and sometimes not. Maybe the scripts needs an initialisation phase to work well on the second time … Or maybe there’s something wrong in my script…

If it helps, here it is.

Impression PDF multiformat.dyn (121.8 KB)

(For PDFCreator settings, I used this informations and it worked fine a few times)

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