Batch Creation of Room tags in all views

Attached is my final script, please note that we don’t use this anymore as I coded a Revit add-in for various reasons so some packages/nodes may need to be updated. Hope it helps y’all!

2 - Create all Room Tags.dyn (55.9 KB)


2 - Create all Room Tags.dyn (55.9 KB)

Alban, your using a super simplistic use case. In several cases Ive found that the Links coordinates are different than the instance of the link in your model; The link may also be moved to locations in a model; Links may also be duplicated hundreds of times (such as a unit in a multifamily dwelling building) thus requiring you to get the transform location of each Link instance. Hope that helps!

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SteveG, I took a look at your script. Have you considered hard coding the “rooms” category and the “Viewplan” element types? Use a code block “Rooms” and then the “Category.ByName” node in lieu of the “Categories” node. then you dont have to worry about the default value changing.

Hi Micthell - Thats great feedback thanks for that! I dont know Dynamo very well, more a coder personally :slight_smile: always great to learn something new!

@SteveG Hi Steve, I downloaded your script but do not see a transformation function or node in it. Do you mind elaborating a bit more?

Has anyone been able to get this fully working? I feel like I am so close but so far. I see tag elements being generated just unable to actually see them in any view in the Revit model.