Copy scope box from Link file

Totally no idea how to do this, but is this possible?

Have you tried opening the link, copying the scope box, then pasting it in the host file?

Yes, that is how we normally do it.
Just wondering if it can be done via dynamo so i don’t need to open the linked model anymore.

Can you show what you’ve tried so far? We really like to see people getting their hands dirty prior to asking for help :slight_smile: A possible way of doing it would be:

  1. Find a way of opening a linked file (in background)
  2. Find a way to copy a element (e.g. scope box)
  3. Place a scopebox in active document
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i use to do that simply by select the scope box in link element ( using TAB button ) then copy paste


You can do something like this :



I agree that tab, copy and paste is totally valid and it’s best not to complicate. Unfortunately however, when you hit paste it lands into a seemlingly random location.

Mostly I want to copy the scope box to coordinate between files, so I do think it is useful to have a Dynamo solution.

Here’s a graph (that builds on everyoneelse’s work) to duplicate and land the scope box where it should go.

Hope that’s useful,


ScopeBoxCopyLink.dyn (30.6 KB)


the same and a bit more

Thanks will try this one out.

Thanks Mark, very usefull. I had to renew the spring nodes with the latest version.
I used it as a base for copying only one scopebox individually by picking it from the linked file and it worked fine.

Now however my staff want to use it in files opened from BIM360. this seems to be an issue.

Do you have any experience with that?



Glad to know that it is useful :slight_smile: no, I have no experience with BIM 360, maybe @JacobSmall knows more?



What are you using for the path? Note that links in BIM360 work differently then normal links.

I got it to work Jacob.

It was not the fact that the files are on BIM 360 but the problem appeared when more than 1 links were loaded. As there is no possibility to find the document or instance from the spring node SelectLinkedElement, I accept the workflow that only 1 link can be loaded when copying selected scopeboxes from linked files.

ScopeBoxCopyLink V4.dyn (37.6 KB)

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This seemed to work best for me, the one issue I had was that the links must be linked via origin to origin.

Which package of Genius Loci did you use there? I dont finde SelectbyCategory from Document.

Hi Thx you for the script.
Which package do you used?