Batch assigning linked views to floor plans

Typical task for MEP models: we need to see Architectural and Structural models by “Linked views”. So, for each level we have one view in the linked model which should be associated with ALL floor plans on that level in our model.

We could do that using Archi-Lab node “Apply View Template”, but in this case we would overwrite ALL graphical settings, while we need to control only Revit links appearance.

To apply only settings which are not controlled by current view template we use View.ApplyViewTemplateParameters method instead of assigning a template by ID as it’s done in Konrad’s node.

So, the logic is quite straight forward:

  • we use regular view templates to control visibility settings of model elements without control of linked models

  • we create a separate set of templates which control only linked models and apply there settings we need

  • using modified node we apply to our views those templates without changing applied templates, just changing links appearance

Modified node is in the attachment:

Automatically Apply Settings from View Template

It uses a list of “Level-Required Template” pairs as the second input, which should be created externally.

Hi Nikolay,

great Job. i am doing the same process, but with DWG files. can you provide a simple example to show how the the list of “Level-Required template” should be prepared.

thank you

Sorry for the delay, currently I do it simply like this

Can you re-post the image or even better, the script :slight_smile: I would be very great full!

The script can be downloaded from the link in the first message .

Hi, the link doesn’t work for some reason. Can you please re-upload it? Thank you