Bakery - Wildcard String Search Sloooooow

Hello, I’ve read a lot of posts and gathered a wealth of information from this site that has been greatly useful. However, I’m now having issues with the speed of algorithm in one of my graphs and hoping the community can shed light or pose alternate solution to my problem, which is the speed of a search node I’m using from the Bakery package.

Essentially, I have a graph that reads a couple of Excel files, one for a list of needed components in a room, the other being a list of our library content. Then the content found (using Bakery’s Wildcard String Search One List in Another List (Faster)) is then placed in the room which was selected. The idea behind this is great and although slow, the graph works and does save the users considerable time, however… the graph is painfully slow and seems like it should be able to do this task much faster.

I realize I don’t have any files attached but hoping someone with a higher level experience than myself might be willing to provide me a suggestion or solution even. Thanks for reading, Greg

Your screenshot isn’t really legible as it was too far zoomed out when you took it. Zoom in tight to one group of nodes and use the image export (camera looking button in the top right of the graph). It’ll grab everything including stuff that isn’t on screen.

Thanks for replying Jacob. I didn’t get a notification that someone responded but revisiting the topic again so thought I’d check. I’m attaching the new image created per your instructions so hopefully you can see it better. I still can’t figure out why the process takes so long to search. Seems like it should be almost lightning fast considering the small number of search options.

Are you sure that is the slow part, not loading the many families which are included?

Try adding some ‘Laptime’ nodes from Clockwork to compare the various groups to narrow in on what is running slow.

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Ah, didn’t know there was such a node for time tracking. Very cool, will give this a shot. Thanks!

The loading of the families does go fast, it’s the lead up to that process that seems to take forever. Fairly sure the slow down is in the Wildcard String Search node but hopefully the Laptime nodes will reveal this.