Dyno Browser - Cannot use the select element

Anyone now this reason when I using the Dyno Browser. I cannot select the element although I use the default file (“Test”)

Hi @minhson.nguyen.8x

Try using Pickbject(s) method in Revit API instead of “Select Model Element”. You can find it @john_pierson “Rhythms” package node called “PickModelElements”.

You can also use Dynamo player. @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi has shown process in the below link,


@Kulkul and @john_pierson
When I did it, I also cannot use select element. I may wrong in the preset file.

“presets” : {
“ABC”:{“type”:“element”, “mode”:“one”}

TRY.dyn (3.2 KB)

Honestly, I’ve never used Dyno Browser. Sounds cool, but Dynamo player seems to work fine for me. I know that’s not super helpful, but the topic @Kulkul mentioned has a lot of great information.

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