Avoid Geometry.Scaling Warning

Is there any way of avoiding Geometry.Scaling yellow warning?

Thank you.

  1. Utilize function passing
    • Suppresses all warnings, even ones which you would want to see.
    • Slower execution than standard nodal connections.
  2. Always model the project near the origin
    • Requires breaking away from the usual mindset in terms of how geometry is thought about
    • Not always possible (ie: a corridor 1,000,000 meters long will never be inside the require scale)
  3. Utilize a different unit type
    • Change the project units to feet or meters instead of millimeters and many of these issues go away on the Revit side, but this will also modify a lot more info.
    • Can cause issues with other aspects of the project or create issues with recording variable results

Alternatively you can suppress the warnings in-session after the first run, and I know this is something the Dynamo for Civil 3D team is considering addressing but it’s a bigger lift than it first appears so it will take awhile. In the meantime the three options above are your best bet.

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Hi Jacob, thank you for your reply,

At the moment I am dealing with all the warnings with Python through try/except but I do not know if it exists any exception for Geomtry.Scaling warning.

Generally suppressing warnings is extremely problematic if implemented poorly, so proceed with caution. You’ll be happy (as will users) for a bit, but the first time there is a null result which causes thing to fail in a large enough dataset that it doesn’t get caught until construction, you’re FUBAR and out more money than the warning suppression ever saved… They are there for a reason after all.

As far as suppressing the geometry, the warning is created by Dynamo’s VM when the geometry is associated to the node, and as such if you’re creating it it’s going to be produced. This is different from an error which would cause the node to not produce results which is usually what we see with Try/Except efforts in Python.

Keep an eye on Dynamo 2.19.