Autonumbering controller by spline

Hi, I have a problem with the numbering of the controllers. I wanted to do it after the spline based on the scripts that are on the internet, but at the end I get an error:

Warrning: No function called
Set parameterByName on a Function that takes
__array.string.__array could be found.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @seba11 and welcome, too many errors there, the Curve.EndPoint output should go to the input of the BoundingBox.Contains, this is to check if the points are within the bounding box of the families, the output can be used as a mask in the List.FilterByBoolMask node, this is to get a list of filtered families (elements) to hook onto the Element.SetParameterByName node (it needs Revit elements there, not Dynamo points).
All of the above is to guide you a little bit about your script errors, not necessarily getting you what you really want, try to upload a Revit sample and an updated Dynamo file so someone can help you.