Automation of cutaway views

I’m new on dynamo
I am on a building and I have to make more than 300 view cuts
I would like to make all my cuts on the ground floor and then make like a copy and paste by floor
The cuts stay at the same place x and y but I just change the floor sorry I don’t know how to explain that. And moreover I go through google translation because I’m really bad in angalis ^^ .
Thanks in advance, it would really help me

It sounds like you’re wanting to cut a lot of section views on Level 1 and then copy those sections to the rest of your levels. You don’t need Dynamo for that. If the sections are for reference only you can just extend them through the whole building, but I’m guessing they’ll be going on sheets and need to be separate. In that case, you can just copy all the sections and use Paste > Aligned to Selected Levels from the Modify tab.

Hello @Nick_Boyts
Yes, I know I have already done and I have to make cuts by floor and not make a cut for all the floors as you said I have to put them on sheets so I cannot. I would like to make all my cuts and go through dynamo to copy them and change levels or even go through dynamo to change them automatically (go through excel if possible unless there is easier)

As I said, you should be able to do this without Dynamo.

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