Automating Steel Tonnage from Revit

Hi guys,
I want to make a program in Dynamo, which will automatically calculate the tonnage separately of each dia of steel used and will adjust itself, when the dia are changed in Revit. I have been trying to do it, but couldn’t find a solution. Is there any way we can do this?

You can use specific gravity of the steel you are using. Then each tonnage can be calculated from each volume automatically.

I have taken the volumes from Revit, but how to group these volumes with respect to their bar numbers like #3, #4 etc.?

Extract that data out as well and group it as following:

How confident are you that the steelwork has been modelled correctly in relation to cut backs and extensions. If these are not done correctly then the tonnage will be wrong, or you just allow for a reasonable allowance for “Revit Modelling”(eg the automatic extensions/cut backs).

Just something to always think about especially if you are sending this information to contractors/cost consultants as they may hold you to this tonnage.

It doesn’t work.
I am only making a small model, which consists of some steel as a sample. The main objective is to prepare the working code

Sorry i was showing that link as a example onto how to group things, you have to get your information out from the parameters that you want to get out(I do not have a clue what they are called etc).


Get all elements > Get volume out per element, and get this other parameter > Put volume into list input for “groupbykey” node and put this other parameter values out into Keys.

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