Automating Revit Room Schedule Duplication



Is it possible to quickly copy/create room schedules from one finalized schedule template?

For example;
A room schedule showing furniture content, once all fields applied & filtered by room number - what is the quickest way to repeat this process for all rooms in the project? I am trying to streamline this time consuming process and avoid manual schedule creation & renaming. Currently projects in Revit '15 & '16.
Has anyone a dynamo script or any add in suggestions to automate the process?
Ideally the automation would re-filter & rename each schedule using room number.


Hi Niall,

It is much easier in Revit. save the template as project and follow the steps below.



Thank you for the reply.
My use of the word template may be causing misinterpretation.

Just to clarify the query;
I have a project with 60+ rooms. I do not have a template project/file with similar schedules already generated.
I need to generate several different types of schedule for each of these 60+ rooms - for furniture, finishes – walls, floors ceilings etc.

When I manually create a schedule in Revit for one room – with all required fields, appearance, sorting etc. selected and filter applied by room number that I am happy with (previously noted as “template” schedule) – I need to generate a separate, similar schedule for each and every room in the project. The result being 60+ room schedules showing furniture content of each room, floor finishes for each room etc. etc. It is this time consuming process of manually duplicating the “template” schedule, adjusting the filter to the next room number, renaming the schedule per that room number – for every room, that I want to streamline/automate.

Furniture Schedule - 001 - generated in Revit – required fields etc. applied, filter per room number 001 applied
Furniture Schedule - 002 - automatically generated, filter adjusted to room 002, renamed per that filter i.e. room number
Furniture Schedule - 003 - automatically generated, filter adjusted to room 003, renamed per that filter i.e. room number


This can be achieved. Please show us a screenshot of your script so we can help.


It is a full script I am requesting - or a starting point - as I have not started the process. Thanks



Can you advise on script for this query, thanks.


Hey @NOK27,

Being a new user of Dynamo, I too had issues creating a dynamo script from scratch from the ideas in my head. The real key is, dig dig dig. Google/these forums/other forums have a wealth of information out there, and while not all tutorials/guides are directed specifically to what you want to achieve, you can still gather bits and pieces from multiple peoples workflows, and piece it together to make your own.

Currently, I’ve completed a Clash Detection Workspace which places spheres at all my clash points (which now saves my company 10’s of hours of time on each big clash projects). Also working on a few more scripts that will help automate processes. None of the scripts out there on the web did EXACTLY what I was looking for, but by piecing together a couple of different workspaces, using the help of the community, and adding in some of my own content, I was able to achieve exactly what I was looking for.

If there’s one thing I learned about posting problems, its that the community is A LOT MORE LIKELY to help you out if you have something at least started! You just gotta dig through the forums/google, and at least TRY to start piecing together a workspace to post so that people can tell you where you are going wrong or additional things to try to get it to work.

There is all kinds of guides/resources out there which also teach you the ins and outs of what each node does. Every night I try to read up on some of it as there is A LOT to take in. The more I know about the nodes and what each one does, the more I can apply that knowledge into future workspaces.

In short my advice is… get something at least started, and post a screenshot of the workspace so people are more willing to help. Goodluck!


People on the forums are very helpful but are not here to do your work. If you go through my old posts, you’ll see me struggle along with learning to code very specific things – get getting stuck, making mistakes – but I always first give it a good honest effort, then people are very generous with their expertise. Man, I’ve improved a lot. Please show the forum what you’ve come up with so far. Otherwise, @Kulkul above is exactly correct and I would’ve done it that way too and gone on to other things days ago. Good luck.